Motorcycles are often associated with the freedom of the open road, the sound of their engines, with rebellion, and with speed. Both enthusiasts and critics would add another element to that list: danger.

Danger helps contribute to the thrill of driving a motorcycle, and although most motorcycle riders are very safety-conscious, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk associated with driving a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Dangers

Dr.Daniel Pincus from the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre told CTV that, “motorcycles account for five times the deaths, six times the medical costs and 10 times the severe injuries – those injuries being ones that would matter to your life – as compared to cars.”

All totalled, an article written by Dr.Pincus that was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, claims that while severe injuries were 10 times more common for motorcyclists, even less severe injuries remain three times more common for motorcycle crashes (2,194 per 100,000) compared to automobile crashes (718 per 100,000).

Equally concerning, while the number of automobile accidents has been decreasing, motorcycle accidents have not declined.

The True Costs of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle accidents are not only more common and deadlier, but they also result in larger costs. Dr.Pincus’s study found that while the average car crash resulted in about $2,995 worth of costs, the average motorcycle crash was nearly twice as costly, at an average of $5,825.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen

There is no doubt that the inherent danger and undeniable thrill of riding a motorcycle attracts people who are predisposed to risky behaviour. But, contrary to the stereotype that all motorcyclists are irresponsible, most accidents aren’t attributed to human error.

As Dr.Pincu told CTV, “Some of the patients we see in the emergency department are just unfortunate – they drive responsibly and it’s just intrinsically a more dangerous mode of transportation.”

Often, because motorcycles are smaller and more difficult to see, motorcyclists are struck by vehicles making a left-hand turn. Other causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  •      Poorly maintained roads
  •      Drunk drivers
  •      Speeders
  •      Drivers stopping suddenly, changing lanes, or failing to check their blind spots
  •      Faulty or poorly designed equipment
  •      Risky lane changes

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries, partly because unlike a car, they lack seat belts, airbags, and other safety equipment. As a result, some of the most common injuries include:

  •      Spinal injuries
  •      Head injuries
  •      Broken bones
  •      Severe road rash

Your insurance should cover some of the cost of your injuries; however, if another driver was at fault (either in part or in entirety), you have a right to compensation. The same applies if the accident was partially caused by poorly maintained roads, faulty equipment, or any of the other potential causes of a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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