Land-Based Disputes

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing purchasers, sellers, tenants, landlords, owners, developers, property managers, contractors and lien claimants.

Some of the most common land-based issues that we have experience in dealing with are:

  • General property disputes,
  • Disputes between condo corps and developers under the Condominium Act,
  • Mortgage enforcement and power of sale,
  • Real property development disputes,
  • Construction liens and litigation,
  • Commercial lease disputes and other landlord/tenant issues,
  • Aborted real estate transactions and post-closing disputes and remedies,
  • Enforcement of Agreements of Purchase and Sale and other real estate contracts, including options to purchase real property,
  • Interpretation disputes of Agreements of Purchase and Sale and Commercial Leases,
  • Certificates of Pending Litigation and Cautions,
  • Ownership rights disputes, including easements, right-of- way and boundary disputes, and
    Specific Performance and other injunctive relief

Our talented team of lawyers is equipped with the experience and knowledge required to protect and advance our clients’ rights and remedies, and they can act quickly and forcefully (if need be) to enforce those rights.

Our Fees

We usually charge an hourly fee for our services but, upon request, we can also provide you with alternative fee arrangements such as flat fee or block billing. Furthermore, for some cases, especially those that deal with professional negligence, we may be able to offer a contingency fee arrangement.

Rest assured, no matter what arrangement is used, we will do everything that we can to keep you apprised of your dispute/litigation as it progresses, and can also provide you with a estimated budget so that you know what to expect.

We provide a free initial consultation of up to an hour (depending on the complexity of your case) to assess the issues that you are dealing with and to discuss your options going forward.

To contact our firm regarding your land-based dispute or litigation matter, please call us at (416) 622-0003 and ask for Sam Gebrael at Ext 245.