Slip and fall incidents are among the most common types of personal injury. A slip or fall can impact someone’s life in many ways and leave them with financial and emotional burdens. However, these cases are rarely as simple as some may think. In fact, proving fault in a slip and fall is just as challenging as any other kind of personal injury.

The Challenges of Slip & Fall Cases

Slip and fall cases are challenging because it is often difficult to identify who is at fault. By this, we mean it can be difficult to prove if the victim fell due to circumstances within their control (or not).

For example, if a person falls outside of a business, was it because their shoelace was un-tied (which is within their control), or did they fall because the property did not adequately salt the walkway (outside of their control)? The answer can dramatically change the legal outcome in this case.

What Evidence is Required?

In the instance that you have a credible slip and fall case against another party, specific evidence is required in order for you to be successful. Typically, but not always, slip and fall accidents fall under the following broad categories:

  • Slipping on ice or snow
  • Slipping on a foreign substance
  • Falling on stairs
  • Tripping on a floor or threshold.

If you believe your fall occurs under one of the reasons with circumstance out of your control, you may be able to receive compensation for your injury. Circumstances that are out of your control may include a wet floor without an indication sign, unsalted steps in the winter, or pulled up carpet on a floor.

Documentation of Slip & Fall Evidence

Documentation of evidence is profoundly important to get your case far. Unlike car accidents or work-related injuries, slip and falls do not have official reports from police departments or The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. You will need to prove the negligible circumstances you are claiming as a factor. During a slip and fall, sometimes the last thing you may think of is to take pictures of the scene, but this is a very important step in documenting evidence.

If possible, snap some photos of the area where you fell or get help from strangers. Take down contact information of witnesses who saw the slip or fall occur. Having this evidence will dramatically increase your chances of winning your case and will allow personal injury lawyers to confidently assist you through the legal process.

Don’t Wait, Get Help

If you fall and believe a person or business is responsible, the first thing you should (if possible) is document any evidence and take witness statements, receive immediate medical attention for your injuries, and consult with a personal injury lawyer. Lawyers who specialize in personal injury law are better able to determine whether you have a strong case for compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyers

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