Employment Disputes

Our lawyers also have experience representing both employees and employers dealing with a variety of employment issues, including wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, human rights claims, and workplace investigations.

By way of example, the most common types of wrongful dismissal claims we see are: (i) not enough severance, (ii) not enough notice, (iii) unfounded just cause allegations, (iv) benefits not continued, (v) commissions or bonuses not paid, (vi) constructive dismissal, (vii) contract obligations not fulfilled, (ix) termination before end of fixed term.

Our Fees

We usually charge an hourly fee for our services but, upon request, we can also provide you with alternative fee arrangements such as flat fee or block billing. Furthermore, after we’ve assessed your case at no cost to you and if we think you have a strong case, we may be able to offer a contingency fee arrangement (i.e. you do not pay until we settle or win), or a hybrid block/contingence fee arrangement.

Rest assured, no matter what arrangement you end up choosing, we will do everything that we can to keep you apprised of your dispute/litigation as it progresses, and can also provide you with a estimated budget so that you know what to expect.

We provide a free initial consultation of up to an hour (depending on the complexity of your case) to assess the issues that you are dealing with and to discuss your options going forward.

To contact our firm regarding your employment matter, please call us at (416) 622-0003 and ask for Sam Gebrael at Ext 245.