Cross-Border Litigation

Many of our clients are businesses or individuals that have contracts with US customers. In fact, for many Canadian businesses, US based clients are their main source of revenue. As with any business relationship, disputes may sometimes arise that have cross-border implications.

A common example of a cross-border issue that we assist on is dealing with Letters Rogatory, which are essentially formal letters from a foreign court to a court in Canada for some type of judicial assistance, and the most common type of assistance is in taking of evidence. This could be either by way of answering written interrogatories or examining an individual in Canada under oath.

Thankfully, our lawyers have extensive experience dealing with cross-border commercial disputes, including Letters Rogatory, and are ready to advise on such matters if the need arises.

If fact, some of our lawyers are also dual licensed (Ontario and New York) and have even practiced in the US and appeared in New York State Court and US Bankruptcy Court (Southern District of New York) on a variety of various corporate, debtor/creditor, and business reorganization matters.

We provide a free initial consultation of up to an hour (depending on the complexity of your case) to assess the issues that you are dealing with and to discuss your options going forward.

To contact our firm regarding your cross-border issue, please call us at (416) 622-0003 and ask for Sam Gebrael at Ext 245.