Choosing the right personal injury lawyer to represent your best interests in an important decision. For most people, the idea of getting a lawyer is foreign territory and they look for a little guidance to help find the best representation to handle their concerns.  

Every personal injury case is unique, some having more severe circumstances than others.  The personal injury lawyer that you choose, no matter what the circumstances of your situation may be, should treat your case with the utmost respect. You should expect to be treated courteously and professionally.

The best way to find a lawyer is to search by area of law, law firm name, city, or province. Also try filtering your searches for personal injury lawyers by law firm and province, then you can narrow your search to specific lawyers who could potentially be fit to represent your case. You’ll need to do some initial screening of your list of personal injury lawyers to whittle it down to three or four prospective candidates. Here are 9 questions to ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer:

  1. Do you have expertise in (the area you need)?  
  2. What is your contingency fee? Some personal injury fee agreements are based upon the contingency fee agreement. This means that there is no legal fee unless there is a monetary recovery. Clarify this while interviewing your potential lawyer.
  3. Do you have any references? Ask if there is anyone they can refer you to that may speak upon the lawyer’s skills and trustworthiness.
  4. Do you currently represent any opposing parties? For example, if you’re filing for bankruptcy in a personal injury case, is the personal injury lawyer currently representing any of your creditors?
  5. Does your firm have any informational brochures or promotional material that you can refer to? Cross reference the information provided to you with client reviews, past cases, and information the firm provides on their website.
  6. Do you or any lawyers in your firm speak languages other than English? If a lawyer that is multilingual is required, be sure to confirm this beforehand.
  7. How long does it typically take for you to resolve a personal injury case similar to mine?
  8. Have you ever handled any other personal cases similar to mine? Do not assume just based upon advertising that the lawyer has handled or tried your type of case. You want the lawyer representing you to be experienced and have practiced this type of case before.
  9. How many cases are you currently handling? Do you have the time to take on my case?

If you have been involved in an unfortunate incident that resulted in injury, speaking to a lawyer won’t hurt, even if it’s just a few hours of legal advice. Contact Zayouna Law to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Toronto.