If you have been involved in an unfortunate incident that resulted in injury, and despite your best efforts you are unable to settle your personal injury claim involving the other party or the insurance company, you may end up in need of a lawyer. Depending on the seriousness of the injury or complexity of the file, you would determine whether or not a lawyer is required to take over the entire case or perhaps just a few helpful hours of guidance and legal advice may suffice.

You might ask yourself: “How do I know if I need a personal injury lawyer?” In order to make this decision, you’ll need to understand some of the reasons to hire a lawyer:

You’re making a large claim

In terms of a large claim, this refers to compensation or damages you are seeking relative to the severity of the injury itself. All personal injury cases are serious, however if you are dealing with a case that involves severe injuries including permanent disabling, you may find the complexity of the case too complicated for a non-lawyer individual to handle on their own – should it reach arbitration. In this case, it may be worth it to invest in a personal injury lawyer to take over the case, which hopefully would result in winning greater compensation.

The insurance company is not willing to settle

If you believe your claim is worth more than the insurance companies proposed settlement, you may need a lawyer’s help. A compensation lawyer may be able to get you the settlement you’re seeking, even after considering lawyer fees.

In most cases, the insurance company will more than likely take the position that insurer is not responsible for injuries sustained until a thorough investigation has been conducted or until proven otherwise. Even after this, the insurance company may challenge or deny coverage. At this point, you’ll need to turn to a personal injury or compensation lawyer to provide additional support and knowledge needed to examine and interpret all parts of the insurance company’s policy and determine whether or not their denial of liability or denial of coverage is warranted.  

How Do I Know If I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?


No matter what the situation is, consult with a personal injury lawyer as early as after the incident as possible, and before any communication with the other party or submitting a claim in any way. Every action or statement you make after an incident without consulting with a lawyer, may become relevant to a potential case. You may not always need a lawyer to take over a case, but getting competent legal advice won’t hurt.  

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