If you’ve been involved in an unfortunate situation, such as a car accident, and it lead to property damage and/or personal injury; you will be required to report the accident to the insurance company of the parties involved in the incident. Understanding the claims process and dealing with insurance companies can feel like an upward climb and a time-consuming hassle; on top of having to cope with everything that has just happened.

Having a lawyer on your side can not only help you get through the complicated process and paperwork, but also ensure that no piece of crucial information is missed. Especially in the event you may of endured serious personal injury and you are seeking payment from the at-fault driver’s insurer, your lawyer can help you navigate through the intricate parts of the law that govern insurance in order to fight for fair compensation.

Of course, your lawyer may not be immediately on hand as soon as the accident occurs. Here’s how you can start the process:

Gather all necessary information

    • The other driver’s full name and address as it appears on their government issued driver’s license.
    • Other driver’s insurance company name and policy number.
    • Statements from any witnesses, including their names and phone numbers.
    • Take photos of the accident and surrounding areas.

Contact the right people

    • Contact the police at the scene of the accident. They will file a report and determine who is at fault. Then issue any tickets for traffic violations as it applies to the situation.

Seek medical attention

    • If you experience any soreness, aches, pains, or any indication of injury. Seek immediate medical attention. This will also help establish and provide record of any injuries that may of resulted from the accident.

After you have left the scene and sought medical attention, contact your personal injury lawyer right away. You will need to contact your personal injury lawyer and get them up to speed. It’s very important before speaking with your insurance company. Your lawyer will help you to understand your next steps. The truth is, when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, the battle is not so much between the two parties involved, but rather the insurance companies of the parties.

Insurance companies, although on your side, will try to deny certain claims to avoid having a hefty payout. In fact, they have many resources, money, and lawyers with vast knowledge of insurance laws that they also helped develop over the years. Which is why it’s so important to get a personal injury lawyer who is experienced and has in depth knowledge of insurance laws to work for your best interests.  

As you may understand by now, time is of the essence. With any personal injury case, it’s important to take the appropriate steps right from the beginning. It’s highly important to seek advice of a personal injury lawyer. Contact Zayouna Law as soon as possible to learn how you can protect your legal rights. It never hurts to just talk about it.