Corporate Law


Add a Corporate Law expert to your team

Businesses who enlist the help of a corporate lawyer ensure corporate interests are protected. At Zayouna Law we help our clients with their mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions and provide financial legal advice that can save millions of dollars. Protect your interests and increase profits by adding a corporate law expert to your team.


According to Entrepreneur, most businesses wait until they’re being sued or have a legal issue before they hire a lawyer, but by then, it’s too late. If you’ve already been served a summons, the issue has occurred and now the best you can hope for is an expensive conclusion.
By having a corporate lawyer as part of your team, you can preempt these legal issues in the first place and save, in some cases, thousands or possibly even millions of dollars. It’s the same reason why you buy insurance. You hope nothing bad ever happens to your business, but when it does, you’re glad you had the foresight to plan for the worst.

Let us handle the small details

Conducting business on a daily basis is full of details that will impact the future of your company —especially if you’re a new business and have just incorporated. There are a million minutiae that may slip by without you even realizing it, details, that if neglected, could affect your corporate status.
Having a corporate lawyer on your team protects your interests, making sure that the corporate records of the corporation are being maintained. Even expanding your current space or renovating can become a headache if you’re not aware of all the legal ramifications and requirements.
More than anything, a corporate law expert is there to protect you for the future. Like walking the track before a race or baby proofing your home, we help anticipate problems before they occur.

We protect your assets

Your company’s assets are more than just physical things like real estate or product, they’re also all the intangibles that make your business what it is, like employees and intellectual property.
By having a corporate law expert on your team you can protect your brand assets, such as logo and company name, as well as any patents and other intellectual property items that you need to run your company. We can also help set up employee contracts with non-compete and non-disclosure clauses to protect your interests should members of your team move on.
Hiring a corporate law expert is like having a mentor, consultant and advisor in your pocket. Our corporate law team will guide you and point out areas that could create future problems for your company. We have the experience to know the legal pitfalls of running a company —we know all the things that can go wrong in the day to day activities of doing business. Having a corporate lawyer on your team as a consultant and advisor not only gives you confidence that your business is safeguarded but also frees up your time so you can concentrate on running your company, increasing profits and growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of adding a corporate lawyer to your team.
Services Include:
.       reorganization of corporate structures under the Income Tax Act
.       incorporation for businesses and not-for-profit organizations
.       shareholders’ agreements
.       business name registration
.       purchase and sale of businesses
.       review and drafting of contracts
.       transfers of family business to the next generation
.       franchising